Monster in the closet
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Monster in the Closet™ is an action adventure puzzle game from Tinker Studio developed specifically for the VR platform.

It combines some of the classic components of a great adventure game— a fully realized world that supports exploration and discovery, a variety of compelling characters with different personalities to interact with, and puzzles to solve to progress further through the experience - with aspects unique to VR.

You play as the Monster.


Step into Another World From the beginning of the experience you will join the world as a character in it. You're the Monster in the Closet. But you don't remain in the closet for long. Once you step over the threshold of the closet door you will be transformed, and in turn begin to interact with the world of the bedroom, and the characters that live in it.

Go on Adventures Explore the world of the bedroom. It's full of tiny worlds within the larger world to travel to and interact with, and you will discover in the crevices and corners of the bedroom what it's like to live life as each one of the different toys.

Form Friendships and Forge Alliances Factions exist with the toy community. Figure out which characters you can build a bond with and how their friendship might help or hinder you in your interactions with other toys. Build bridges between these different toys factions, and figure out how to unite them to work together to accomplish greater things.

Solve Puzzles to Progress Interact and move objects to solve different types of puzzles that will then in turn allow you to learn about new aspects of the world, as you unlock different locations to visit, characters within the world, and quests to go on for them.


The Story So Far

“The real world is where the monsters are…” - The Young Girl

As a young girl waits for the arrival of her new sibling, a baby brother, she finds herself anxious, nervous, and afraid of this life transition. It’s then that her concerns about this uncertain event in her life manifest as a monster in her bedroom closet.

When the monster comes out of the closet the toys in her room comes alive to defend her from this intruder, but over time they realize in that they need to work with the monster to help the young girl face her fear, and come to terms with this change in her life.

The Characters


“Tomas? Where are you?”

The Young Girl

The Young Girl has been a single child for so long she is not really sure what it will be like to have a sibling. Having a baby brother seems like a strange idea to her. She has had some time to get used to the idea, and her mother and father have made sure to include her when they can in the events leading up to the birth.

But repainting the study in the house and filling it with new furniture, talking about what will happen and touching her mother's tummy, and visits to the Doctor's office still haven't helped her understand what having a little brother might be like, or what he might be like. Now with her Mother still in the hospital days after the birth of her new brother she is anxious, nervous, and afraid about what this all might mean.

The Young Girl’s Cat, Tomas


One day a small kitten wandered into the backyard of the family house. The Young Girl found him, picked him up, and held him close and hugged him before she took him inside to her parents. Her mother and father took one look at the two of them, and knew he was going to join the family.

The Young Girl was told that she would need to help her parents take care of the Cat if he was going to stay, and she agreed without hesitation. Years later the Cat has grown up big and strong. While we may not be the oldest or wisest companion in the Young Girl's life he is behaves as if he were her lion, larger than life and ready to take on the world for her.


The Young Girl’s Father

For as long as he and his wife have been parents they have both been concerned about how their daughter is doing. Day in and day out they have cared for her making sure she knows that she is not only safe, but loved. Family comes first and they have prioritized their life together, and being there for each other. But with the pending arrival of a second child, a baby boy, the family has had to make some adjustments. They seem to have affected their daughter the most. Now with his wife still in the hospital after the birth of their boy the Father must look after his daughter on his own.

The Young Girl’s Toys Many toys have woken up one day to find themselves way in the Young Girls bedroom. For some the transition has been an easy one to make regardless of where they came from as they found their place in her life and the larger community of toys with ease, while other toys had a more difficult time making a connection with the Young Girl, or her other more established friends.In either case the toys form an extended family for the Young Girl and each other.


The oldest toy in community, Robearto has been a part of the Young Girl’s life from the beginning. He was waiting for her when the Young Girl was first brought home from the hospital. Gradually the two of them formed a bond that grew stronger and stronger day after day. Bear has been there through it all, year after year, birthday after birthday, birthday party after birthday party with her. While there have been other toys that have come into her life over that time, the Young Girl has a special place in her heart for Bear. That connection between them has made it harder for the Young Girl to bear the loss of Robearto who has gone missing recently, and can’t seem to be found anywhere.

The World of the Bedroom

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Monster in the Closet will be make its debut on the Oculus Store in Fall of 2019. It’s being built from the ground up specifically for the Oculus Rift and Santa Cruz.

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